Day/Vocational Services

Day Programs

REM Wisconsin offers a range of day programs to help individuals become active in the community and those interested in participating in group activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, educational programs and physical exercise.

At REM Wisconsin we have developed a comprehensive day service program called CORE Services.  CORE Services is an acronym for Community Opportunities in Retirement and Employment

At REM Wisconsin our day services are based on the needs of the individual as well as the outcomes they desire.  We have developed CORE Services in Dane County and Portage, and offer other day services throughout the state.  We currently contract with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) for a variety of employment services. 

Job Coaching, vocational assessment and supported employment are the backbone of REM's day services which are self-directed by clients.  REM offers a variety of opportunities for CORE Service clients and offers those opportunities as an important alternative to production or sheltered work.

Our CORE Services include:

  • Job skills training and job coaching
  • Retirement services
  • Physical health and recreation
  • Computer training
  • Self employment in micro-enterprise
  • Customized Employment services

Supported Employment

People with developmental disabilities are employed in meaningful jobs throughout the country, providing needed services, adding to the economy, and enriching their own lives with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  REM Wisconsin offers programming that helps individuals find, prepare for, and achieve success at the jobs they choose.  

To help individuals successfully obtain jobs of their choice within their communities, this program provides a full range of training and follow-up support services.  Our Supported Employment specialists analyze an employee’s interests and capabilities, suggesting additional technical or social skills training, which will enable a successful job experience.  Each person is paired with a job coach who provides customized support including transportation, job training and oversight – providing as much, or as little assistance as the individual requires on a regular, ongoing basis.

Micro-enterprises or Small Businesses

In an effort to meet the ever changing needs of the individuals we support, CORE Services has assisted clients in starting their own micro-enterprise or small business and  provides employment support and job coaching for these individuals. Currently these include:

  • Snacktime, LLC
  • Rob’s Rapid Route
  • Chew on This

Founded in 2003, Snacktime is a local candy vending business, operating two electronic vending machines and 13 honor snack boxes.  Snacktime also manages a coffee cart three days per week in the REM office and sells Holiday Wreaths during the winter. Rob's Rapid Route is a quick and timely courier service which has been delivering documents and providing other business services since 2004. Another business launched in January of 2008, Chew on This, provides ongoing maintenance and inventory management of four local gum machines and is quickly expanding.