Who We Serve

Home- and Community-based Services

The individuals and families supported by REM Wisconsin have a variety of needs, all of which are met within the communities where they live and work.  Because each person’s needs and preferences are different, and often change over time, we provide a full range of community-based residential and non-residential supports. 

REM Wisconsin offers programs to a number of populations including:

Adults with Disabilities:   People who have developmental disabilities are offered programs that range in intensity and setting according to their needs and desires – from highly supervised residential programs to hourly supports and more independent supported living.


Children with Disabilities:   REM Wisconsin provides supports for children with disabilities so they have an opportunity to stay in their own communities in a safe and healthy environment.    


Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury:   People who have sustained an acquired brain injury can choose from a growing array of services and supports that adapt to their changing needs.   Our services are designed to help the individual live a full and productive life, as independently as possible.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of services to all individuals. This includes a combination of instruction, skill training, counseling, support, personal care and assistance in any area pertinent to successful community living. In keeping with our mission, REM Wisconsin strives for each client to achieve his or her greatest potential for self-sufficiency, empowerment and quality of life. We have a commitment to offering client choice and individualized services, respect for diversity and heritage, and unfaltering regard for client safety and welfare.

Service Locator

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